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In addition to sensationalizing other accounts of misfortune, she claimed the hope diamond was the cause of her failed marriage and the loss of the hope family fortune. The hope diamond the curious collections of barnabas dire. With anna chancellor, darren easton, polly frame, joseph gregory. He was then torn to pieces by wild dogs on a trip to russia just after selling the diamond off. The hope diamond dates back to 1642, it is a diamond noted for its. However, the present weight of the hope diamond is 45. In 1962 it was exhibited for a month at the louvre in paris, france, as part of an exhibit entitled ten centuries of french jewelry. In november 1958, winston donated the hope diamond to the smithsonian institution to help establish a national jewel collection. How many people died from the hope diamond curse answers. Traces the history of the supposedly cursed diamond from ind. Little bigger than a walnut, the dazzling hope diamond is one of the worlds most famous precious gems. It is believed that the hope diamond was initially embedded in the head of a statue of a hindu goddess.

Janet hubbardbrown traces the history of the supposedly cursed diamond from india and its frequently unlucky owners. If the smithsonian was the national museum of the united states and it acquired the hope diamond, would the american people then be. The story goes that the curse began with the tavernier blue, which was the precursor to several large diamonds, including the hope diamond. The original thief, according to legend, died a slow and painful death, while the later owners. Arts and entertainment network filmroos inc traces the history of the hope diamond, a 45carat blue gem, the worlds largest and most valuable. Overview of legendary curse of the hope diamond, the, 1975, directed by delbert mann, with jim boles, claudine longet, martha scott, at turner classic movies. The hope diamond was finally bought by jeweler harry winston. All throughout history, the ones who owned it had a brutal end. The hope diamond is a lustrous blue gem weighing 45. The curse of the hope diamond is older than you think. Alleged effect of the hope diamond s curse as reported in newspapers of 1911 andor in maye yohes 1929 fanciful book the mystery of the hope diamond many if not most of these events are. The curse of the methuselah tree nature history documentary timeline duration. The curse of the legendary blue hope diamond on all its owners is dramatized from the gems discovery in 17th century india until its donation to the smithsonian institute. Frankels and francis hope both died in poverty, and some believe that this was because of the hope diamond curse.

Tavernier sold the diamond to king louis xiv of france in 1668 with 14 other large diamonds and several smaller ones. French monarchs, an heiress, and at least one unlucky postman have met misfortune after possessing itthough does that really constitute a curse. With the hope of creating a national jewel collection, harry winston donated the hope diamond to the smithsonian institution. Many skeptics believe that the hope curse was put together by a savvy bunch of journalists in the 1800s they targeted sections of its history linked to unfortunate ownersto sell more. Steals the diamond from the breast of a pagan goddess. History and curse of the hope diamond youtube they say. The most commonly accepted origin of the curse dates back to 1653, when a french merchant named jean baptiste tavernier obtained the original 115carat blue diamond in india. It is blue to the naked eye because of trace amounts of boron within. Mystery of the hope diamond curse malayalam the curse. Jeanbaptiste tavernier, returned to france with a haul of diamonds, including a massive, magnificent blue gem. Explores the legend that the diamond is a piece of a larger stone stolen from the eye of a hindu. Edition discs price new from used from dvd feb 28, 2006 please retry. On september 11, 1792, the hope diamond was stolen from the house that stored the crown jewels. The hope diamond s bloody history begins many, many centuries ago.

Several controversies exist among scholars and researchers around the world regarding the authenticity and logistics behind the so called curse, but the well documented history and biography of the diamond suggests that theres more to the blue diamond than what meets the eye. Its a pretty fascinating little baubleparticularly if youre. When new york jeweler harry winston donated the famous hope diamond all 45. The hope diamond was finally sold, at a bargain price, to other diamond dealers, coming to the cartier brothers in paris. I loved pizza, but i am so full from the popcorn that i am hardly able to finish one slice. The diamond has been surrounded by a mythology of a reputed curse to the effect that it brings misfortune and tragedy to persons who own it or wear it, but there are strong indications that such stories were fabricated to enhance the stones mystery and appeal, since.

The hope diamond is thought to carry a curse from louis. With jim boles, elaine bolton, christopher cary, robert clary. Legend has it that the diamond once lay in the statue of the goddess sita, wife of rama, the 7th avatar of vishnu, serving as her eye. Kimberlite is a type of ingenious rock that is sometimes embedded with. A group of thieves broke into the royal storehouse and took many treasured items, including the hope diamond. According to the legend associated with it, it originally began its life in india within the forehead of a hindu idol, from which it was plucked by a thief. Numerous eastern superstitions are linked to large diamonds, most of them highlight bad luck attributed to their owners. Hope diamond delivered by mail when new york jeweler harry winston donated the famous hope diamond all 45.

The curse of the famous hope diamond legends of america. The hope diamond has intrigued the world for centuries. Curse of the hope diamond marie antoinettes dazzling. Indeed, the blue hope diamond was a believed to be cursed. According to the legend, a curse attends the owner of the hope diamond, a curse that first befell the large, blue gem when it was plucked i. Allegedly, there was one last victim of the diamond s curse a postman named james todd. The curse of the hope diamond hope diamond department of. Legendary curse of the hope diamond, the 1975 overview. History of the hope diamond smithsonian institution. Let us find out by learning 20 interesting hope diamond curse facts. The owners immediately prior to evalyn met such unhappy endings that the blue jewel shone with blame. The hope diamond, its curse, and the french geri walton.

The curse of the hope diamond by janet hubbardbrown. In 1965 the hope diamond traveled to south africa where it was exhibited at the rand easter show in johannesburg. The legendary curse of the hope diamond tv movie 1975 imdb. With a history that spans well over three centuries, the hope diamond has had many owners and settings including a theft, a stint in the french crown jewels, two recuttings, an english king, a wealthy american socialite, and plenty. The hope diamond is one of the most famous jewels in the world, with ownership records. The hope diamond, a huge bluish diamond, now belonging to the smithsonian in one example of a gemstone with a legend of a curse. In 1911, the diamond was purchased by evalyn walsh mclean, a young washington socialite heiress who bought. The curse of the hope diamond the history of the hope diamond. Thirteen people who fell victim to the hope diamond curse. The legend of the curse of the hope diamond began in india where a man named tavernier supposedly stole a large blue diamond from the forehead of the hindu idol sita. Ancient mysteries curse of the hope diamond format. As well known as the diamond is, the curse that follows it through history may be even more famous and has inspired countless books. Ever since, many of its rich owners have fallen foul of its alleged curse. The hope diamond curse story is in some ways a morality fable about the cardinal sin of greed.

The hope diamond has long been rumored to carry a curse, possibly due to agents trying to arouse interest in the stone. The curse of the famous hope diamond page 3 legends of. Over the next 350 years, the diamond travelled the globe in the hands of kings, bankers, and thieves. It is now housed in the national gem and mineral collection at the national museum of natural history in washington, d. The curse of the diamond lingered in the royal household, now under control of the government, until the moment it became vulnerable again. Pieces of her elaborate tale were picked up by newspapers, helping establish the curse of the hope diamond as a popular modern legend. Resources the curse of the hope diamond smithsonian. The hope diamond has left the smithsonian only four times since it was donated. The story of a curse is a recent part of the diamonds history, apparently. The sinister story of the hope diamond curse mysterious. After promising to donate the diamond, winston sent it through the u. The legacy of the worlds most famous gem, the hope diamond. The curse of the hope diamond hope diamond department.

A painting of the diamond by the mineralogist james sowerby has been. The are several other diamonds with stories of curses such as the. The hope diamond is one of the most iconic items in the smithsonians collections, but this glittering gem is rumored to have a dark side. This paper, which covered the package containing the hope diamond, is. The sinister past and dark curse of the hope diamond.

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