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We also have shorter activities, as well as ideas for using stories and poems and lesson plans. In addition to the available word lists that display examples of functional language in the areas of geography and science, keith kelly is now providing a related lesson plan to bring indepth content and language learning to your classroom. Integrating content and language study in higher education elisabeth wielander 11 june, 20, aston university. Defining clil bilingual education schools in europe within clil, language is used as a medium for learning content, and the content is used in turn as a resource for learning languages. Clil is the platform for an innovative methodological approach of far broader scope than language teaching. Its a long time since i last wrote a post to the blog. Clil content and language integrated learning has emerged since the millennium as a major trend in education. The best texts are those accompanied by illustrations so that learners can visualise what they are reading. To sum up my clil perspectives japanese university students should acquire 21stcentury competencies as well as english skills. Have the students write a page for a class book that you will call look what we learned about mexico. Clil is particularly relevant in classrooms where learners bring diverse language and cultural experiences clil is an appropriate vehicle for exploring the links between language and cultural identity, examining behaviours, attitudes and values clil involves contexts and content which enrich the learners understanding of their. Select a topic or aspect of culture from the course book you are using.

Sometimes, just thinking about developing a clil program or even teaching one clil lesson can be intimidating, overwhelming, and confusing. Considerations in the colombian context1 jaisson rodriguez bonces2 universidad central, colombia. Classroom language includes a selection of useful phrases to be introduced into the lessons. Were all excited here at onestopenglish this month because the new site is now live, and were eager for all of you dear colleagues to love it as much as we do. Worlds best powerpoint templates crystalgraphics offers more powerpoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. About this lesson ancestors bicultural biracial communal culture ethnicity heritage multicultural primary rationale this lesson gives students an opportunity to examine the complex concept of culture and to understand that while all people have a culture, for some it may mean.

Content is placed first in clil as subject content determines language input. Pdf project related to clil and culture in the classroom find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Or you do share, but colleagues do not share with you. Quick warmers focus on what you did yesterday partner a. Culture in clil is about awareness of self and other. Were giving you three specific strategies you can use to make teaching clil work for you. The effectiveness of using content and language integrated. A clil lesson looks at content and language in equal measure, and often follows a fourstage framework. Students will discover mexican culture, crafts, and cuisine with handson projects. In your own context, which model for clil do you use. The 4cs framework the principles on which the 4cs framework is built are. Integrating content and language study in higher education. A it is ok to just sit whenever you wish and leave at 10% tip. Using clil, students learn one or more of their school subjects in a targeted language, oft en.

We use cookies to give you a better experience, if thats ok you can close this message and carry on browsing. How does it link to the community or culture surrounding the students. Clil content and language integrated learning courses. In europe clil mostly applies to the teaching of a noncommunity language such as french in austria or spanish in italy but it can also be used for the teaching of a second language in a bilingual context, e. This issue you bring up is something ive ben worrying about for a long time many teachers, and spanish institutions, believe a b2 is enough to be able to teach in english but they always forget its diffficult to be a language reference with a b2 and going back to what the post is about always overlook the importance of knowing the real english and having the right cultural awareness. Culture dimension contributes to the growth of intercultural knowledge resulting in most of the cases in cultural understanding. Content and language integrated learning clil at school. In this video, we will focus on the fourth c which is culture. To what extent do teachers and students use english in the classroom. We are a group of professionals specialized in english training and clil methodology. Clil incorporates four elements identified as the 4 cs, where culture is the underlying concept for the other three aspects.

Personalized learning create their own interpretation of content language needs to be transparent and accessible interaction in the learning content is fundamental to learning the relationship between. You figure out a lot yourself and dont share that much with colleagues. For some reason, there isnt that much out there in the way of clil resources. Any particular clil model or methodology needs to consider the relative valueimportance of the parameters above. The acronym clil content and language integrated learning started to become the most widely used term for this kind of provision during the 1990s.

Teaching history through english a clil approach 5 considerations when planning a clil history lesson activating prior knowledge it is helpful to start a lesson by. Winner of the standing ovation award for best powerpoint templates from presentations magazine. A science course, for example, can be taught to students in english and they will not only learn about science, but they will also gain relevant vocabulary and language skills. But dont let the tough appearance of clil fool you. Clil has been used in the colombian context as a way to teach. A nations culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people mahatma gandhi lets clil montse irun 3.

How to be confident and competent with clil part 1 a practical guide to using clil in the primary english classroom through music, art and p. Here you can find a wide range of practical resources to use in your secondary classroom. Content and language integrated learning clil is an approach where students learn a subject and a second language at the same time. Coyle, d, hood, p and marsh, d 2010 clil, cambridge. Watch this video on content and language integrated learning clil. In spite of this, the success of clil in terms of content and culture has been reported in some studies. Language as a learning tool operates in three ways. U clil at utrecht university is a pioneering initiative which supports, serves and develops the clil teaching and research community at. Culture and clil this months editorial on the newlook onestopenglish website is dedicated to the theme of culture in clil.

Content and language integrated learning by do coyle. Communicative language teaching puts the focus on communication and on the learner. Clil incorporates four elements identified as the 4 cs, where culture is the underlying. The scenarios can be printed out from downloadable pdf files, read. There are full lesson plans to choose from, covering different topics and themes, all organised according to the levels of the common european framework of reference for languages cefr. This is the fifth video in my clil content language integrated learning series. Communication content cognition culture pearson english. Considerations in the colombian context1 jaisson rodriguez bonces2 universidad central, colombia abstract the present article seeks to encourage reflection on the characteristics and considerations when implementing content and language integrated learning.

Clil and elt, looking at their respective aims, syllabus, methodologies, language and contexts of operation, taking a brief look at some clil materials, and finally examining research findings. It is an approach to teaching the content of curricular subjects through the medium of a nonnative language. Clil for you is a platform which aims to train and advise teachers and schools to meet the new multilingual reality in spain. In which case, youll be pleased to know that there is a vast array of onestop resources with a cultural dimension inherent in the content. Ppt clil powerpoint presentation free to download id. The clil approach regards culture a core component, however, science teachers often struggle to integrate a cultural.

Clil is a flexible framework try to intentionally link good educational practice to each of its 4cs. Content at the heart of the learning process lie successful content communication language is a conduit for communication and for t. Clil is an acronym for content and language integrated learning. You know what clil is about, you integrate this in your lesson and you have plenty of ideas for new activities. Students get an introduction to mexico and the spanish language. Clil has often been mainly identified as a way to teach content through language. Clil is a dualfocused educati onal approach in which an additi onal language is used for the learning and teaching of both content and language.

The lighter version clil is complex and contextsensitive. What differentiates clil is the planned integration of contextualised content, cognition, communication and culture into teaching and learning practice. Euroclic 1994 in simple terms, clil integrates both content learning and language learning. Theyll give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance the kind of sophisticated look that. Clil approach to enhance efl student teachers cultural awareness.

We have worked with the department of education of the generalitat valenciana in the last four years in the programs pale, piale and. In her first guest post for oup, maria rainier, a freelance writer and blogger, talks us through some classroom benefits of content and language integrated learning clil. Clil students dont learn tourist language such as can you tell me the way to. In clil, the cultural context is, together with cognition, content and communication, the cornerstones that create the setting.

Culture community materials in clil units lets clil montse irun 2. When you went online to look for clil materials, you didnt get very far and found only tons of more generic stuff. When working in a foreign language, learners need structural markers in texts to help them find their way. In the light of all this, this study aims to analyse to what extent teachers and students use english in their oral interactions o ne of the four language skills in a typical clil lesson c ontent and language integrated learning. Written by do coyle, philip hood and david marsh and drawing on their experience of clil in secondary schools, primary schools and english language schools across europe, this book gives a comprehensive overview of clil. Outline quick warmer key clil elements and values classroom routines and promoting fluency characteristics of a successful activity activities using visual organisers. This doesnt mean im not reflecting on my teaching anymore is that possible, in any case. Watch this video on content and language integrated learning clil by dr julia huetner.

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